Our Recovery Programs provide an understanding of why people behave the way they do plus strategies for developing better relationships, this is because the Gospel brings restoration and healing to lives.

These courses address the needs of those who are hurting. Holistic teaching is provided, followed by discussion in small groups. Participants are empowered to share their experiences in an environment of acceptance, non-judgmental love and confidentiality, the ingredients necessary for change and growth. People from all walks of life have reported benefits from doing these courses.

Search for Life (10 weeks)
This program identifies the cause of so many human tensions and introduces participants to the healing power of truth in a caring and safe environment.

Search for Intimacy (8 weeks)
This program explores finding a life partner and handling sexuality. People need more than rules; they need a framework for life that empowers them to have fulfillment and successful relationships.

Valiant Man (10 weeks)
Developing and maintaining a healthy sexuality is every man’s battle. This course is designed to fortify and restore the moral and spiritual integrity of men. It challenges men to fight for their own personal, moral and spiritual vitality.

Woman to Woman (10 weeks)
This program encourages women to take a close look at their relationships and their world. This program is designed to give insight into family dynamics, personal attributes, beliefs and values and provides strategies for change.

Door of Hope (10 weeks)
An encouraging and supportive program for women survivors of sexual abuse. In an environment of love, acceptance and confidentiality, participants will begin to develop new strategies for living and find that healing is possible.

Facilitator Training (7 weeks)
Provides understanding of behavioural, emotional and spiritual elements to help deal with life’s challenges. Includes hands-on experience and is the essential qualification for those wanting to facilitate any of our Recovery Programs.

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