Young Adults Retreat October 20-21

This retreat has been planned for a number of reasons. One aspect is that we believe it’s good to fill your life with amazing, fun adventures with your church family. If you build strong connections then you’ll have strong support, from the right kind of people, when you need it! We also believe setting aside dedicated time to focus on God can give us the space and clarity we need to see what God is doing in our lives. With fast paced schedules taking time out to re-evaluate life is critical.

Whether you’re secure, set up and marching forward, or you’re starting fresh, with little direction and figuring it out, we all need to develop the art of looking to the Lord in every season. Young adults, you are probably currently involved in setting up, or making some important decisions, for your future. So come to the retreat, connect with some amazing people that can bring out the best God has in you, and develop the art of looking to the Lord.

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